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Founded in 2002, Global Fund Media publishes four specialist newswires covering all asset classes within the institutional investor marketplace.

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  • Access to hard-to-reach C-levels and Senior Executives … 
  • … in 90% of the world’s largest funds.
  • Authoritative and critical institutional investment  intelligence 
  • 68% of our readers are buy-side industry professionals
  • Read by thousands of investment fund decision makers…
  • … 35% have more than $1 billion of assets under management.
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From publishing through interactive events to bespoke content services, we fully support our clients’ business growth, helping them build trust, connect to their audience, and ultimately win contracts.


Covering traditional and alternative classes over six titles, we provide news and market intelligence for the institutional investment sector. In addition, our highly experienced editors create engaging, insightful and bespoke content — whether through special reports, featured articles or native advertising.


Our expertise, in your hands. We focus our knowledge and experience to address your challenges through bespoke reports, market research, events and webinars, and more. Whether you need help defining your core message, conducting a bespoke survey or reaching a wider audience, we provide tailored solutions to your industry and asset class(es).


With an ever-broadening portfolio of events, we provide extensive opportunities to connect with your peers and meet with our industry experts. Our dedicated team runs a range of modern event formats including webinars, conferences and awards ceremonies — providing your audience with transformative learning and networking experiences.

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Driving results through data and peer support.

They say time is the greatest teacher. We’ve been covering hedge funds since 2002, affording a uniquely historical perspective on the ground covered and the horizon sought by stakeholders from across the investment industry.

Delivering a comprehensive offering of news, events, awards, special reports and more, we connect the global investment community to actionable intelligence — regardless of asset class.

Combine this with our rich market and audience data, and you’ve got a qualified, passionate team of industry experts ready to bring in new business for you and your network.

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