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Showing Siemens energy and sustainability services to institutional real estates investors



















The Challenge

Siemens' Building Technologies Division is at the vanguard for creating energy efficient green building and infrastructure.

With decarbonistation and sustainaibility becoming business critical issues for institutional real estate investors, Siemens wanted to demonstrate how their capibilities in those areas could help enhance the value of their real estate portfolio.


Our Solutions

We conducted interviews with lead engineers at Siemens, as well as a significant fund manager client

We produced a special report aiming at:

Showcasing Siemens capibilities to other investors in real estate providing potential clients with some selection criterion when choosing a bulidng technologies service provider

We distributed the report across our institutional investors reader database, home page and newsletter.


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The results

+800 fund managers downloaded the special report.

Highly satisfied with these positive results, Siemens has engaging in more detialed series of bespoke reports in 2018 to further showcase their range services and to on board new business prospects via the GFM platform.

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