Intralinks Story



Intralinks wanted to interview LPs to determine investor sentiment towards GPs. We embarked on a global LP survey using the findings to produce a report that we marketed over our entire readership and then turned into a series of events and webcasts.













Increase brand awareness and recognition


Specifically in the APAC region to successfully introduce new products and services

Manage Senior management expectation to boost engagement in order to stand out from competitors

Drive Lead generation and increase onboarding


Our Solutions


Development of a market research project to gauge investors sentimen

Creation of a report from the survey findings

Distribution on GFM's HW, PEW websites and social media channels

Organisation of a Webinar and a physical event to engage with prospects




Latest reports


Leading hedge fund managers outline their current thinking on the markets – risks and opportunities – how the macro backdrop is shaping the way they generate trading ideas, and how the fund raising environment may develop this year.…

Read Report Online

The results


Credibility to build trust

Intralinks website traffic

20% blog traffic

40% social media engagement

1700+ downloads of the report

500 qualified leads were generated

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